Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Taste the rainbow

This books rules!
Ultraviolet: 69 Classic Blacklight Posters from the Aquarian Age and Beyond
by Daniel Donahue
I think a black light powder room is in order for our next pad.

Here's a few faves.
(also a few pieces from my vintage Avon collection)

Round one of "WHAT THA?!!!!"

My son was pretending to lick my Avon ice-cream cone lipstick today, and said a new word,
"Mmmmm scruuuumptious mommy!" Ridic!

He also calls hamburgers, "HANG-burgers. I don't correct him, it's too f'n cute!


Round 2 of "WHAT THA?!!!"

Jean-Charles Castelbajac 2010 F/W
He just goes there!

To dye or not to dye....obsessing over red or blue...

Must consult with my main homie and recovering hair addict, Brookie D. She's a psy-chic, and just always be knowin'.

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