Thursday, November 5, 2009


Best smelling candle ever...

Not a fan of Barbie,
but loving these Jonathan Adler Barbie edition ceramic jars

Why you gots to be killin' my bank account Golden Goose?
Really, $525 for these bad girls?
Might as well be 1st edition Jordans .
Sigh, I will love you from a far.

And something for my little buddy-
Stella McCartney for Gap kids! Adorbs!

Searching for the band jacket in a kids size 12 for moi.
And one for my little Adam Ant too!

1 comment:

  1. oh know i got izz that stella jacket!! haaaa...i got a size 3..but was almost too small!!??? wtf?? anyway..whats that one on the left? anyway..cant wait to see you guys when we get back...izzy is sooo all about hanging with older boys these days.....
    xoxox big mama cass