Thursday, August 13, 2009

The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise

Special guest blogger Bowie Warfield!

Today we took a visit to the Gibson factory in Beverly Hills. Daddy had to pick up a guitar that was being repaired. Mommy gave me a smooch right before we went inside.

I had been there before, but now I'm a much bigger dude, so I got to run around, play on the stage, tickle some ivories, and check out a gang of guitars.

Piano man now taking requests!

Chopsticks anyone?

Jukebox hero!

Turn it up to 11!

Of course this was mommy's fave git-fiddle. I think I'm going to have to help her bedazzle her axe when we get home.

All this play makes me thuuuuursty!

Sadly, and strangely enough, Les Paul passed away today. Mr. Paul was a pioneer in the development of the solid-body electric guitar which has pretty much been a blueprint for the sound of rock and roll. Many of his recording innovations include overdubbing, tape delay, phasing effects, and multitrack recording. When I first moved to California, all I listened to was Les Paul and Mary Ford. Les Paul was a true visionary, an innovator and one of the biggest contributors to the world of music.

This was posted on the door to the entrance

Les Paul June 9, 1915 – August 13, 2009 RIP

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