Monday, August 31, 2009

Love is...

Another wacky collection of mine is any clipping or chazchee of the comic strip "Love is..." by Kim Casali. Originally Casali drew the little nakey characters as love notes to her husband to be. The comics were published in the LA Times Sunday paper and in the the St. Louis Post Dispatch, (which is where my mom cut them out and collected them). She kept a few on the fridge, and some in a special box on her vanity.

This is a newer one that is perfect for the triple digit weather we've been having out herein LaLa land

I've amassed many comic clippings, and chatzkis along the way, but none of my collection beats the cake topper that I won on ebay for our wedding cake...

"Love is...ours to keep"


  1. Hi, I would like to know where are you buy this figurines(Cake topper). I'm brazilian and here, i can't find it. If you want sale yours, ok...But if you not, could you help me find in home pages?

    Hapiness for you and Congratulations!!!

    My e-mail:

  2. i can help you with love is cake toppers.

  3. love the picture of this cake topper. thanks for sharing.

    - a fan