Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls...

KOZMIC fave and the hardest to find!

Edy Wiliams, aka Ashley St. Ives, and the legendary Russ Meyers

Dolly Read aka Kelly MacNamara

Russ, Cynthia, Dolly & Hef

The Ultimate Doll, Cynthia Myers aka Casey Anderson

Ah, the Sunshine family. While I had Donny and Marie dolls, my sister had these, and their playhouse. The real deal in hippie dolls

I wish I had these! The African-American counter part & friends to The Sunshine Family.
These dolls were called "The Happy Family"

TIffany Taylor! Memba her? She was an amazon barbie that you could turn the top of her head to change her hair color.
So dope!

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