Monday, August 31, 2009

Love is...

Another wacky collection of mine is any clipping or chazchee of the comic strip "Love is..." by Kim Casali. Originally Casali drew the little nakey characters as love notes to her husband to be. The comics were published in the LA Times Sunday paper and in the the St. Louis Post Dispatch, (which is where my mom cut them out and collected them). She kept a few on the fridge, and some in a special box on her vanity.

This is a newer one that is perfect for the triple digit weather we've been having out herein LaLa land

I've amassed many comic clippings, and chatzkis along the way, but none of my collection beats the cake topper that I won on ebay for our wedding cake...

"Love is...ours to keep"

Run, don't walk!

I stopped by my dear old friend Miho's shop today, The New High (M)art! Miho and T-Rik originally opened the store in Chinatown back in '07. They have now expanded and relocated to my hood, the lovely Los Feliz! The store is all kinds of rad! They carry a ton of amazing lines, from Grey Ant, Brian Lichtenberg, TEAMO, The Costume Dept., Alex and Chloe, to an amazing Private Label of their own. There are gobs and gobs more of magical items you couldn't even imagine. The NHM is Just a few doors south from Pinkberry on Vermont, so I got my little Bowman all sugared up on a small coconut yogurt, and proceeded to do some damaged.

Picked up this amazing Terry Richardson tee from TEAMO....

And this little gem for 12 bones!

I'm going back for more!

Thanks Miho and T-Rik for bringing the radness to the hood!
New High (M)art
1720 N. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Thursday, August 27, 2009

O.G...Original Gypsy

Calling all eastside whipsters,
Stevie Nicks 101 is now in session.

Gypsy never looked better or more effortless. I now want a perm, heavy bangs, and a tambourine in my hand at all times.

Bum rush

self explanatory...

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls...

KOZMIC fave and the hardest to find!

Edy Wiliams, aka Ashley St. Ives, and the legendary Russ Meyers

Dolly Read aka Kelly MacNamara

Russ, Cynthia, Dolly & Hef

The Ultimate Doll, Cynthia Myers aka Casey Anderson

Ah, the Sunshine family. While I had Donny and Marie dolls, my sister had these, and their playhouse. The real deal in hippie dolls

I wish I had these! The African-American counter part & friends to The Sunshine Family.
These dolls were called "The Happy Family"

TIffany Taylor! Memba her? She was an amazon barbie that you could turn the top of her head to change her hair color.
So dope!

I need a coo-ooh-ooh-ool rider!

This is what you call the "jumping the shark" of shoes.
Really McQueen? I mean REALLY?!!.......Ok.

Ghost town

While shopping for kid's shoes, and a new cool hat for Bowie, we ran into our friends Cass and Izzy Wolf yesterday. If you don't know, Cass co-runs with Jen from Anyway, they pretty much rule and share all things hard, cool, and biker. I peruse both sites daily, and highly recommend! I've always loved their header image and finally asked Cass about it yesterday. It's a pic that Jen had found and posted by this photographer girl/model/artist named Courtney Brooke Hall from Massachusettes. I had to look her up and found more of her amazing photos. The pics above were taken back in 2006. Girl's crafty. I likey. Thanks for the share Cass!