Friday, July 24, 2009

Cruel summer...

It's been ridiculously and embarrassingly way too long since my last post. Summer blahs and wahs. poolside, foolside. I pretty much have all that I ever need and want right now, so there's not much going on in the way of coveting these days....SHOCKER! Been kickin' it hard core with my 2 fave dudes. Here's my wing men in Malibu. Went to our friends' twins' 2nd bday party. House on the cliffs of Point Dume... amazing! Elmo was creeping the kids out though.

Went to Venice a week before and my husbie got this great shot of me and the Bow...

Off to Val Surf to exchange an Insight dress...hopefully a new suit is in my future. Until next time. XO

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