Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last week I was all down in the pre-bday dumpers. I was wishy washy about what I wanted to do, where I wanted to have my bday dinner. I originally wanted to have a huge roller skating partay, but just couldn't get it up. After deciding on a small intimate dinner at Fabs in the Valley, I got all gussied up, and here's where my husbie took me....SURPRISE!

Yours truly, Brookie, and I'

The most EPIC love filled bday party a girl could ever hope of having. I was shocked, over come with emotion, and so full of gratitude and love for my amazing friends, and glad that I was born 39 years ago, May 16th so that I could share this moment with them!

Super shout outs to Brookie, Lizzie, Adam 12, Noelle, T.C., Timmy, Wendy, and my favorite boy in the universe, my Justie! XOXOXO!

One of my bday gifts was the sickest pair of shoes designed by my friend Grant Krajecki, YES, the amazing designer for Grey Ant. They have all of the elements of ridiculously cool, ironic, and why didn't I think of that? all in one shoe. Teva stilletos? Amazingly ridic-ish!

Beautiful distortion.

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I did a ton of thrifting, and scored this John Luke Eastman litho. You can check him out here

And also, my dear friend has a vintage clothing boutique called The Lemon Frog Shop. She has many Eastman lithos framed and for sale. Check out her rad selection. But don't blame me if you leave the store broke. She has some amaaaazing vintage gear, stuff you will obsess on and covet!

(I did her logo- "toot toot!" SHAMELESS!)

The Lemon Frog Shop
1202 Alvarado St.
Echo Park, CA 90026

Shot through the heart....

Unearthen is the shit! I am the luckiest girl ever, because my husbie rules! He took me to Barneys on my Birthday, so that I could pick out one of Unearthen's crystal bullet masterpieces! This is just the type of witchy-poo stuff I love! Each crystal is unique and acts as a conduit of energies that your psyche might be lacking. I was drawn to the Titanium quartz. 1. because it looks very "black rainbow" and 2. it's just plain bad ass. Turns out it was just what I needed! The packaging is amazing, and I felt very "Lilly" from Legend when opening it. Each piece comes stowed in a wooden box, and encased in a glass tube vial with cork, placed a top a bed of moss. It comes with explicit directions for care, and salts to clear it's energy. You're not supposed to let other people touch your crystal, as it will absorb some of their energy. Speaking of which, sorry to Jenny at Opening Ceremony L.A.! I was so mesmerized, and drawn to hers, that I had to grab it. Please soak in salt over night and do your white magic, or black depending on where you're at.


  1. Stefie,
    When I come visit I will bring some of my special pretties too! I am also a reiki healer and will give you all some treatments. I love crystals and they hold such special powers. I am so excited that you got such a beauty for your special day! love you sweet girl!

  2. you're beautiful. Great sparkly top.

  3. Best birthday EVER. I seriously am dying over that necklace your old man got you! I mean it's so good and I'm not just saying this because it's purple hahaha the whole setup is amazing.