Friday, April 10, 2009

Super heroes!

Well, kinda. Kayne & his posse roll bright & deep. This is a another take on the "black rainbow" right here. I really like the direction Ye has taken his music, dress & lifestyle, (minus his bloggng un all CAPS). Anyhow, what's fresh about his crew & this pic is that they all look like little boys that woke up in the morning & dressed themselves in, (fill in the blank__________ super hero set up) spider-man pajamas, a cape, & the ever quintessentiall cowboy boots.

Taz Arnorld

(aka TI$A or Taz is so Arnold) has the dopest style, and is the one, I believe that Kanye is most influenced by. This guys is usually dressed head to toe in MCM which is some sick ass shit! Check it and him out here....

and here

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