Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Everybody Wang chung tonight!

Today I went to Barneys in Beverly Hills for a Trunk show, where I was lucky enough to meet the hottest designer of the moment, (and most likely the next decade) - Mr. Alexander Wang.
He is to the 21st century, what Marc Jacobs was to the previous.
He's created a movement, and even more so, a lifestyle (Ugh, I know, over used term co-opted by corporate America, but it's true).
With his clothes you can go out for the night, sleep in them, wake up and go for your morning coffee, all without feeling like you're doing the "walk of shame." They are effortless and uncontrived, understated, yet make the biggest statement.

As a designer, he has a fresh and modern, cleaner take on the grunge aesthetic that Jacobs did, but with a little more edge and sophistication. Oh how I hate to use the word "edge", but in this case, it's appropriate.

If I could, I would live in Wang! And if that isn't enough, he was extremely sweet and sooooo humble. I met my friend and mutual adorer of all things Wang, Amanda Reno and her friend Nadia Lynn at the trunk show. Nadia was lucky enough to order a piece that will arrive in July! Lucky lady! Don't hate! Congratulate!


  1. dude is that you in the o&s shirt? fuck yess.
    i really dig your blog, you got gooood taste.
    glad to see someone not talking shit on alex btw, as everyone seems to think is so hip right now. there's no denying how rad he is.

  2. i HAVE the same shirt as you!! I love it! The pentagram on black ground is the most perfect...
    I like your blog a ton..